Ilija Orlovic
Altig Chief Executive Officer

Ilija Orlovic joined American Income in May of 1996 in British Columbia. He was appointed to MGA in 7 months – January 1st, 1997. In 1999, he was promoted to RGA for provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba and moved to Winnipeg, MB. 
During 2000, Alberta, Northern Ontario, and Quebec were added to his responsibilities. His leadership team increased sales in Canada by 33% in 2000 and another 34% on top of it in 2001. 
As a result in 2001 Ilija became responsible for sales across the entire organization including US territories, which immediately resulted with 25% growth same year. Consequently Altig's sales increased another 56% in 2002. 
In April of 2003, Mr. Roger Smith recognized Ilija’s talent and efforts and gave him the opportunity to become SGA in Northern California.
2004 marked spectacular growth of 170% and the addition of Nevada and Utah. At the same time Mr. Altig appointed Ilija as the CEO of all of Altig.
In 2005, Ilija Orlovic had the number 1 SGA’ship with over $2.6 Million net production and additional 45% of sales growth. 
2006 American Income expanded Mr. Orlovic's territory to include Orange County and Ilija gave American Income another SGA.
Mr. Orlovic’s most recent accomplishment is more than $30,000,000 of Net ALP in Altig under his leadership in 2009.
On top of all previous successes, Altig 2010 year-to-date growth is 10%.  
During Mr. Orlovic’s career he has developed many of American Income’s finest MGA’s, RGA’s, and SGA’s. He exceeded many sales and production records including some of his own. 
Mr. Orlovic was born in and raised in Budva, Montenegro and immigrated to Canada in 1994. He presently lives in Washington with his wife, Sonja, and their three children. Ilija serves on the board of his local church. He holds a B.B.A. in International Business Management from IFAM in Paris, France.