Ashlynn Orng 
Altig Vice President of Sales

Originally born in Thailand, Ashlynn was raised in California understanding the value of a strong work ethic and where it would take her. After graduating from Otis College of Arts and Design in Los Angeles she rose to #2 in a 500-person Interior Design firm, but felt there was no room left to grow. That is when she found AO: “What you achieve is the direct result of the effort you put in, and you promote yourself based on merit. That was exactly what I was looking for.”

Within 10 months of being hired at the Los Angeles office of AO in 2007, she was promoted to Master General Agent. In 2012, she moved to take over the Chicago office. Record weeks and success followed and she was again asked to move for the opportunity to lead the Nashville office, where she mentored agents to their Master General Agent contracts and developed a strong Personal Recruiting culture within her 18 months at Tennessee.

Ashlynn moved back to her home of California in 2014 to help lead the Orange County office and since then she has achieved Board of Directors twice. The offices in Orange County have been named a Top Workplace by the Orange County Register for three consecutive years in 2015-2017 – based on team member evaluations on compensation, benefits, work satisfaction, and social responsibility.

“I love seeing others grow and having their lives change for the better, because my life is impacted by it too. You mentor them not only for business, but to be a better person all-around,” Ashlynn says. “We have the ability to offer a great career opportunity no matter where you come from. Chicago is a big city with great people, so that means tons of opportunities and even more families to protect!”