Rada Manojlovic
Altig Director of Compliance

Rada Manojlovic was born and raised in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and earned her degree in Finances and Accounting from the University of Belgrade in Serbia. After graduating in 2006, Rada came to the United States as a student exchange au pair and met AIL-Altig Chief Executive Officer Ilija Orlovic, who offered her a job after working with his family.

Rada began as a Verification Caller for Altig’s Quality Department in 2008. Her hard work and ownership of performance allowed her to continually be given more responsibility and be promoted, and after being a Quality Supervisor and Manager, Rada made the transition to the Compliance Department and was appointed to Director of Compliance in early 2016.

Living far from her extended family in Europe, Rada is most thankful for the comfort and family-like culture of Altig, which has given her the freedom to speak her ideas and influence changes. Rada’s main passion is to help grow and expand Altig in any way she can, striving to see agents and managers in the field succeed past their expectations.

Rada currently resides in Bellevue with her husband Nebojsa, and loves to spend time with their two daughters Sofija and Emilija.