Morgan Preston
Altig Director of Recruiting

Raised in upstate New York, Morgan Preston earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Old Dominion University in Virginia. It was there after college she found the Virginia Beach office of AIL-Altig in 2010, believing it presented career potential rather than being just another job. Six months later Preston was appointed to Master General Agent and after a meeting with Chief Marketing Officer Rob Hay, she was selected to head recruiting efforts at her office. Within one month, Preston broke records in booked interviews and hires.

Over the next three years Preston was given the opportunity to train various offices across the country in recruiting by Vice President of Sales Josh Olin. Preston believes this mentorship from Olin is a main reason she was able to achieve her growth and success at Altig. She then joined the Redmond Support Office as a Recruiting Coordinator in 2013 and was named Recruiting Manager just a year later. Preston was instrumental in growing Altig by 20% in New Associates each year, and was named Director of Recruiting at the end of 2016.

Preston is motivated every day to enable dreams: “I love watching new associates get hired, grow in the position and get everything they’ve ever wanted out of life and more. Everyone deserves that opportunity.” Her co-workers and agents in the field have become her closest friends and family. Preston is now looking to continue breaking records in recruiting.

Currently residing in Kirkland, Washington, Preston enjoys spending time with friends as well as having adventures in her traveling.